Close free kicks 1  






Key objective: get a shot on goal

         Plan A focuses on direct strike

         Plan B focuses on strike after sideways touch to by-pass wall


Plan A. Low shot 

Attacking free kicks - close in plan A


         Free kick specialist [6] strikes with power either at a specific spot (if one exists) or at least low.

  • It is a mistake to try for upper 90. Keep the ball down!

  • Do NOT chip

  • Do NOT pass unless a player is absolutely wide open [there is an optional pass to the forward at the end of the wall] [7]

  • Aim for inside the far post unless near post is wide open

         Far side forward [7] stands at near end of the wall, and tries to screen near post. Ducks out at the last moment; can be a passing option if no defender on that side

         Both remaining midfielders and the far side defender move for the rebound [3,4,5]. Must be aggressive

         IF defensive players are all the way back, [3] stands right in front of the goalie to screen (but should leave fast moving ball untouched)

         Far side midfielder loops to the far post [5]. Look for mop up/rebound.

         Two players stay back on defense [1,2]


As players become more advanced, they can increasingly pick their spot for a shot. For a perfect example, see Roberto Rivelino free kick against East Germany in the 1974 Word Cup (make sure to watch the replay!)