Players' Guide
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Welcome to the SMARTSoccer Guide    

This is a guide for smart players and smart coaches – not dummies or idiots. It is written for players who already love soccer and want to get better. 

Unlike school, soccer is all taught on the field. So, no classroom – that’s great (three cheers for no classroom). But also, no text, no reference to look stuff up. Not so good. That’s what the Guide is: a written record of your soccer education. It’s a tool for you to use throughout the season, as you need it.

It has tons of detailed technical information. It explains how to head the ball well, what the 3rd defender is supposed to do, how full backs can attack, and much much more. It covers a lot on teamwork too – how a defense must work together, for example.

It also has sections where you can track what you are doing, set up your personal goals, learn to prepare effectively for games and practices, and stay organized. There are many pages that you may want to Xerox – for example, on page 18 there is a pre-game packing list for all the things you need to bring to games and practices.

The online version is a work in progress. You can download the entire guide in PDF format, or work with individual sections. As we build out the site, we plant o add more pix, more videos, more links, and rating capabilities so you can let us know what works and what doesn't.

Playing soccer is fun. Better soccer is better fun!  Have a great season!

Robin Gaster, Coach, Takoma Tigers