Long corners  






Objective is to get a clear line of attack on the ball right in the heart of the opponent’s danger area

Attacking - long corners


·         Near side forward [6] aims to drop the ball directly onto the center of the goal 1-2 yards out. Chipped ball is better than a driven ball for most youth age groups.

·         Left defender stands directly next to the keeper [3]

·         Far side forward [7] and near side midfielder [4] attack the ball aggressively

·         Far side midfielder [5] mops up at the far post

·         Sweeper [1] looks to mop up at the edge of the box

·         Right defender stays back [2]

·         Kicker [6] follows up into the box

·         Our goalie plays well out of our penalty area


·         You must attack the ball

·         You must expect the ball to drop. Be ready for it!



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