Our goal kicks  






Objectives are

         load up our players around the target landing area

         draw their players out of the area

         generate movement for our players

Attack - our goal kicks


         Sequence: [6] starts it off by sprinting away from the target area. [2,4,7] start moving as 6 reaches the middle of the field. [3,5] move after others have started. 6 eventually returns to the target area

         Sweeper [1] is kicker. Always aims for the near side target landing area. Hurries to push up immediately afterwards to reach pushout line quickly

         Strong side defender [2] pushes up to support players in the target area

         Weak side defender [3] cheats across to cover the middle

         Center midfielder [4] runs a zig-zag, first away from the strong side then back into the target area

         Weak side midfielder cheats into the middle

         Strong side midfielder [6] sprints away from the target area, then doubles back to support and possibly break through the middle

         Striker [7] becomes prime receiver by sprinting into the target area starting after [6] is already well into his move


NOTE: It is often best to NOT try to trap a fast-moving high ball from the back. Let it run, and then pressure the receiving defender into a mistake.



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