Short corners  






Objective is for the corner taker to get a shot on goal


         all short corners on the right side are taken by left footed player

         left side short corners are taken by right footed player

There are several ways to organize short corners. The following is simple and effective. All methods require consistent practice before every game.

Attacking - short corners

Step 1.

         Kicker [7] takes the corner kick by passing directly along the goal line.

         Near side forward [6] starts to dribble directly toward goal along the goal line


Step 2.

         Corner taker [7] sprints diagonally toward the top of penalty area. Must move fast to get into position in time

Step 3.

         When defender comes out to challenge, receiver [2] passes inside to corner taker [7]

Step 4.

         Corner taker then takes shot on goal. Best to take the shot quickly, not worry about good angle or perfect position

         Left defender [3] screens the goalie. Donít try to touch a fast-moving ball Ė let it go, then turn for rebound

         Far side mid [5] mops up at the back post

         Near side mid [4] crashes the box looking for a rebound

         Sweeper [1] mops up at the top of the box

         Right defender [2] stays back



         Receiver drives right at the defense

         Striker sprints to get into position for shot