Attackers rarely dribble right through a defense. Almost always, they need support - ideally, closely supporting players  in front, behind, and on both sides.


Key points for effective supporting play

·         The right distance. Stay close enough that you can be reached with an easy pass.   That means 7-10m away. Actual distance is affected by how far away the defenders are.

·         The right angles. Make sure to maintain an open passing angle (don’t stand where a defender can intercept the pass without moving – sometimes called standing in the “shadow”). This is called taking a good angle.

·         Option A. Think about a return pass to the passer immediately – he is often open. Think about who you can pass to before you get the ball.

·         Vision. Position yourself to see the ball and as much of the field as possible.

·         Diagonals. Try to create diagonal passing lanes. Square passes are dangerous if intercepted – then  both the passer and the receiver  are running to recover!


Good close support

Here  A1 A3 and A5 are providing close support, easily open for passes before a defender can intercept.