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Warming up and physical preparation

Every team warms up. Most good teams have a set warm-up, which can take 20-40 minutes, and which covers every aspect of physical preparation.

But you also need to do a few more things:

  • Get completely in tune with the team warm up.   The warm up is done entirely for your benefit. There is no point in warming up in a half hearted way. You need to take the warm up really seriously, so you get maximum benefit out of it and are completely ready to play.
  • Add your own elements. You know your own body best. If you have weak ankles, you need to take extra time to warm them up – you may even need to have a physical therapist tell you how to do that. If you tend to pull hamstrings, you need to get them completely warm.
  • Substituting. Players can cool off completely once they are off the field. You must warm yourself up completely again if you have been off the field for more than 6-8 minutes. Run, sprint, jumping jacks – make sure all body parts are warm before coming back into the game.
  • Half time. Do not sit down for more than a minute or two. Keep moving, keep touching a ball. Stay warm and loose. Put on a jacket if it’s cool. Make sure you drink.

Overall, you should be warming up, stretching, playing with the ball for 20-25 minutes, and then go into a high energy period for 5-10 periods to really pump yourself up. End in time to get a drink and a last word from the coach before the game.

On the next page, fill out what you specifically and individually need to do to be well warmed up before the game. List the exercise you are going to do in addition to the team warm up. (could be a specific stretch, some extra jumping jacks….)

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